JCH Mountain Farm

Raising Nigerian Dwarf  Dairy Goats in North Central,  West Virginia  since 2008.

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Welcome to JCH Mountain Farm


JCH Mountain Farm is a small, family farm located in North Central, WV.  We are about 1-1/2 hours north of Charleston, WV and 2 hours south of Pittsburgh, PA.


We got our first four Nigerian Dwarf goats in early 2008, and enjoyed them so much that we began looking for another...then a few more...then some more. We have bought breeding stock from herds in many different states and have attempted to assemble a group of animals that have the genetics behind them to produce offspring that will do well with milking, showing, and as pets.  We initially chose the Nigerian Dwarf breed for our daughter to use in a 4-H project, but enjoyed them so much that we decided to 'keep 'em around for awhile'.  In 2016, we added a Nubian doe from Hillbilly Heaven Farms to our herd and are very excited to see how she performs as she gets a little older.    


Many of our animals are duel registered with the American Goat Society (AGS) and the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA).  They are bouncy, bundles of personality that are easy to handle, joys to watch, and wonderful additions to any family farm. 


We have blue eyes in our herd, as well as moonspotting. Although we do like these traits, we do NOT breed for eye color or pattern. Our goal is to breed a healthy, friendly animal, that can be added to a farm as a milker, show animal, or pet. We want to raise goats that are good representations of the Nigerian Dwarf breed. The fact that we get these 'flashy' traits in some of our offspring is a 'bonus' not a priority.


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